Dental Diode Laser Treatment

Dental diode lasers deliver clear benefits over conventional methods of treatment. For patients, the use of lasers means less post-operative pain and therefore less need for medication.

SIROLaser Advance Plus is a diode laser with both an infrared and a red diode. The established infrared 970 nm wavelength covers all indications in the field of soft-tissue surgery, periodontology and endodontics. The additional red 660 nm diode is used for what is known as “Low-Level-Laser Therapy (LLLT)”. The proven infrared 970-nm diode is used to reduce germ levels in periodontology and endodontics.

Treating Aphthous Ulcers with a Diode Laser

Diode lasers are incredibly versatile, including treating aphthous ulcers, also known as canker sores. While not life threatening, aphthous ulcers can be very uncomfortable for patients and a diode laser can offer quick relief for them. This condition affects around 10–15% of the population, however most people usually do not consult a doctor or dentist. Many studies show that laser treatment offers relief from the pain associated with aphthous changes. Aphthous ulcers can be treated in the dental practice with a diode laser.

Treatment of aphtae with Sirona's SIROLaser Advance.

Low-intensity laser therapy is an effective treatment for recurrent herpes simplex infection. Learn more at